Vision, Mission & Culture Statements

Our Vision

Build better lives by providing stellar craftsmanship and clear communication while creating superior living spaces.

Our Mission

Kurber Construction is a team of highly motivated, goal oriented, individuals who always serve our customers like they are a part of our family. We will always strive to continually hone our craft and learn new skills. Our team creates superior living spaces by remodeling existing homes and building new custom homes from the ground up. Our clients are people who appreciate high levels of craftsmanship and have a sense of pride in their homes. In conducting our business we believe in fanatical levels of integrity and always lookout for our customer’s best interests.

Our Culture

  • I will always do what I say I am going to do and act in the customers and company’s best interest.
  • I am accountable for my actions and the products I build or install. I will not blame coworkers, conditions, subcontractors or materials.
  • I will always speak truthfully.
  • I will always deliver all the necessary information to customers and coworkers both good and bad as soon as reasonably possible.
No gossip
  • I will only hand problems up and positives down. I will not speak poorly of customers, coworkers, vendors, subcontractors or owners. Problems are only to be discussed with those who have the power to fix them.
  • I will continually learn about new products, how to better use current products and build skills that will enable us to better serve customers. I will always be learning and growing both personally and professionally.
Team work
  • I will always be a team player because we can achieve greater results together.
  • I will always perform my tasks at a consistent level of excellence so that coworkers and customers will know what they can expect every time.
  • I will always strive for excellence in my craft. Good enough is NEVER good enough.
  • I am always grateful to owners and customers for the opportunities to serve.
Golden Rule
  • I will always treat my coworkers, customers, vendors, subcontractors, and owners as I would want to be treated.