Creating a relaxing space for Mom: Introducing the She Shed

When it comes to additions and rec rooms the mind immediately goes to adding more bedrooms, family entertainment space or even Dad’s coveted Man Cave.

But what about Mom? You know, the beloved matriarch of the family, the selfless, dutiful, all seeing all knowing, problem-solving, central command for all inquiries, owies, tasty meals and laundry that smells almost magical. What about her? Where is her relaxing space? AND GUYS DO NOT SAY THE KITCHEN! Or else our next blog will be tips for sleeping on the couch.

What we are talking about is the woman’s answer to the Man Cave. If you haven’t heard, Moms across the country have been moving it outdoors and it’s called the SHE SHED. What is a She Shed? It is a childless, husbandless freestanding outbuilding that is decorated to personal taste and lifestyle habits to promote peace and relaxation from the daily grind. Okay, so it’s not a vacation on a tropical island sans kids and the hubs but is your own little paradise where you can spend time enjoying your favorite hobbies, reading or just relaxing in peace and quiet.

Depending on your neighborhood zoning or if your Home Owners Association does not allow for additional out buildings, never fear there are options.

Remodeling your basement or adding on to your house is still an option to create a beautiful space for Mom. Although, it is not away from the inner workings of the home like the She Shed but still a great opportunity for personal relaxation quarters and much needed down time.

While it is obvious that not all lifestyles allow for a separate structure for Mom, more solutions can also be found in the home. Renovating your master bath into an atmosphere of relaxation is a perfect solution to decompressing from the stresses of Motherhood. By simply adding the right decor, you can achieve a stylish and affordable spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. This can be achieved by opening up space, creating better storage solutions that de-clutter and incorporating houseplants and flowers into your bathroom to help create a calming effect. Plants are a quick and effective way to transform your bathroom into a more tranquil spa-like setting. Add in a soaking tub or larger shower head with multiple settings like rainfall or a waterfall to really bring the personal in-home spa for Ma.

Is surprising Mama with a personal retreat of her own on your radar? Our experts are here to help guide you through making choices on the right material and designs to make your next renovation project seamless, stress-free and a shining success!This entry was posted in Lake Country Remodeling. Bookmark the permalink.