Is adding an indoor/outdoor living space your answer to Wisconsin’s crazy weather?

One week it’s 70 degrees two weeks later winter storm warnings. While that is the extreme of the weather patterns in our beloved state, there are no shortages of weather patterns that can impact our outdoor living and entertainment plans.  Enclosed patios, pergolas, pool houses, indoor/outdoor kitchens are just a few ways that we can help add longevity to your weather dependent lifestyle ambitions.

3 Season rooms are also a great way to add space to your home and provides outdoor dining or lounging options. Who doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy thinking about taking in fresh air or sunshine in a bug-free environment? Additions like covered outdoor kitchens & bars extend your options when hosting guests and rain has other plans for the day. Maybe you are extra ambitious and interested in something on the radical side.

One of our favorite concepts is the indoor pool. Why more Wisconsinites have not capitalized on covered in ground pool structures is beyond us. Extend your swimming year round with enclosed structures that bring in all the goodness of Mother Nature without all the bad stuff. We know what you are thinking. “Why would I want to limit my pool to being indoors?” With the advancement in architectural design concepts, the utilization of sliding glass doors and glass overhead garage doors allow for letting in the fresh air and sunshine when it is gorgeous out and blocking the nasty elements when less than ideal weather prevails. Just imagine having your family and friends over for a pool party in January to shake off those winter blues. How cool would that be?  Get inspired! See more great ideas on our Pinterest board hereThis entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink.